Client Testimonials

Nick F.: “Hayden has a direct, friendly style, learns and remembers individual strengths and limitations, and has a sharp eye for form. His feedback is practical, and he helped me understand and overcome mobility issues which were holding me back. His research background and personal experience as an athlete inform his coaching, too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hayden for anyone looking to work on their weaknesses and improve their performance.”
Clarissa M.: “Hayden has been and will remain my go-to personal trainer and nutrition consultant. Not only has my physique changed while under his care, but my strength, health and overall physical well being have improved as well. Listen to this man. He knows his stuff and has the knowledge, skill set and educational background to prove it. Take note, Hayden lives and breathes the connection between science and fitness. So if you’re not ready to listen and put in the work, go elsewhere, because this man is in the business of permanently changing lives and producing strong warriors.”
Kate D.: “I can confidently say that Hayden is one of the most intelligent, patient and empathetic coaches that I have encountered. Technically, you couldn’t ask for anyone more knowledgeable about health, fitness, and CrossFit. One of the reasons that I trust his judgment and training is that I know he’s firmly rooted in science and has no issue with questioning previous studies. In a largely unregulated fitness industry, Hayden is unlike many other coaches and self-proclaimed fitness gurus and has the knowledge and background to safely and effectively get you to attain a goal. And he probably has the sharpest eye out there and when he says you did something right, he means it. On a different level, he knows exactly how to get us to do more than we think we can – and takes the time to recognize those improvements that can be seemingly small to us. Most importantly, he is devoted and passionate about what he does – it is evident in the happiness he has when someone does something they’ve been struggling with – and the patience he has in helping someone over a fear (handstands for me!). Hayden definitely has those intangible coach qualities that makes working with him fun and rewarding, and combined with his science background, makes him very unique as a coach.
Stephanie W.: “I was privileged to meet Hayden who has the amazing ability to apply his academic knowledge to actual physical movement. For what seemed like an eternity, his patience and guidance helped me move from feeling completely inadequate when it came to basic weight lifting movements to feeling confident and reaching those ever elusive goals. In addition to his coaching on physical performance, he has shared eye opening insights as to why my diet wasn’t supporting my goals. He broke down the way foods are processed and explained the impacts of sugars and timing on energy levels and weight control in a way that even I understood how to fix my problem areas. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoy being coached by Hayden and highly recommend the experience if you are looking to improve your performance and understand more about the way the human body works.”