Movement Screening

There are a variety of movement screens that exist in the fitness community. Some even offer certifications. However, I have yet to find a screen that thoroughly addresses all the anatomical positions and range of motion requirements inherent in weighted exercises. Since free-weight exercises have now become more popular and are being used more frequently in high intensity training modalities, a thorough screen of client movement patterns is now, in my opinion, a necessary pre-requisite to training.

In response to this need, I have developed my own custom movement screen which represents the most effective tests I’ve encountered to date. This custom movement screen was developed to assess movement pattern dysfunction and range of motion (ROM) limitations that may impact safety and efficacy of training with weighted movements (barbell, kettlebell, etc.). The results of this screen are applied to then determine:

  1. Movements the individual cannot safely execute.
  2. Movements the individual needs to modify or scale.
  3. Anatomical locations that need targeted mobility/flexibility work.

I administer my SFF Movement Screens as standalone personal training sessions coupled with mobility/flexibility work to target weaknesses. Alternately, SFF Movement Screens can be structured into any other personal training session; each screen takes about 20-30 minutes. If you have interest in obtaining a SFF Movement Screen, feel free to drop me a line.