Online Coaching

As a scientist and personal trainer I take an individualized, evidence-based approach to training. Every person is different in their fitness goals and their biology. With a research background in orthopedics and metabolism I have a keen appreciation for how age, sex, body size, and medical history can impact health and fitness. Whether you are an athlete looking to increase performance or just trying to live a healthier life, my first-hand experience and ongoing immersion in scientific literature enables me to offer you a unique training experience. If you have the time and dedication to follow a structured, customized program on your own, I recommend one of three approaches:

1) Strength Training: For those who want to build strength, I typically employ the Starting Strength method for strength training. This program gives the greatest gains in strength in the shortest period of time. As my clients progress I apply more advanced programming based on their stage of training. Note that other strength training programs (e.g., bodybuilding, periodization for sports, etc.) are also available if they are more in line with your particular goals.

2) Conditioning: For those who want to improve their cardiovascular fitness and body composition, my programs use a variety of functional movements performed at high intensity. High intensity training programs, in particular those that use regulated work and rest periods (interval training), are most effective. These high intensity workouts can be performed in under an hour and simultaneously improve both your aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

3) Strength & Conditioning: For those who want a more well-rounded fitness program, I combine strength and conditioning with special consideration of the individual’s goals and ability to recover from different aspects of training. These programs have become increasingly popular as more and more people are seeing the benefit to being very good at a variety of skill sets (strength, power, endurance, agility, stamina, coordination, etc.).
Whether you are just getting started with training or already have experience, Online Coaching services can be purchased in 1-Month blocks:

  • 1 Month Program Design with Technique (video) Analysis.
  • Additional Monthly Program Design with Technique (video) Analysis (discounted rate).

If you are interested in one or more of my Online Coaching services, or if you have need for a more customized plan, send me an email and I will be happy to discuss.