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In a word, I am a teacher. Education is a passion for me. I’ve loved it ever since I was a child and love it now that I am able to share my knowledge with others. Health and fitness are where I focus my research and teaching, and I offer a variety of educational resources which are detailed below.

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Seminars: I offer a number of seminars to address popular topics in a group setting. As I give my most recent version of a seminar, a description and video clip of each will be indexed below. Send me an email if you have interest in booking one of the below seminars. In addition, you can request a seminar on the topic(s) of your choice.

Health and Fitness During Aging: Death & Rebirth : Although we are living longer today than we did years ago, we are doing so in far worse health, and the situation is only getting worse. In this seminar I propose that modifiable lifestyle factors are significant contributory factors towards the decline in aging (bone loss, muscle loss, diabetes, respiratory disease, and some cancers). This seminar is a science-based look at factors that can positively and negatively affect the aging process. It includes an introduction to biological death and rebirth at the organ and cell level, a discussion of the state of health in the US, and a look at the physiological changes occurring during aging. Scientific studies and personal observations covering nutrition (calories, fat, salt, carbohydrates) and physical activity (standing, walking, running, weight training) are then highlighted in the context of health and disease. The seminar is appropriate for all individuals, even without a science background.


Optimizing Nutrition for Athletic Performance : This seminar is designed for those already living the basics of an active and healthy lifestyle. After a general overview of exercise and nutrition science, a more in-depth treatment of calorie counting, macronutrient balance, macronutrient timing,food composition, and supplements is presented. Body composition (body fat percentage) is used as a starting point for individuals to customize their nutrition in order to optimize their athletic performance. Optional integration of the Paleo and Zone diets is discussed and a consideration of individual and sex-differences concludes the seminar.