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Does CrossFit Impair Attentive Processes?

I recently caught up on the published literature pertaining to CrossFit training and decided to highlight this particular study (Perciavalle et al., 2016) as it possesses significant problems in both experimental design and results interpretation. This study sought to determine if CrossFit training results in negative effects on attention-related activities by virtue of high blood …

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Creatine Supplementation Can Boost Testosterone


Creatine is an organic acid naturally found in vertebrate muscles and it is arguably the most extensively studied supplement on the market. A variety of studies indicate that supplementing with creatine can enhance athletic performance, endurance, and muscle growth. A previous post of mine goes deeper into creatine, its mechanism of action, and the studies …

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5 Supplements That Science Recommends for Fitness

I was asked to write an article for top.me on fitness supplements. There are thousands of fitness supplements out there, but the number with scientific support for their effectiveness is far less. I narrowed my list down to 5 supplements that have scientific studies (in humans) supporting their use. You can check out the article …

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Creatine Supplementation

Creatine (from Wikipedia) As fitness supplements go, virtually none come with the extensive level of understanding and scientific investigation that surrounds Creatine. In this article I will review the science behind Creatine supplementation. What is Creatine?: Creatine is a carbon-based (organic) acid that is found naturally in vertebrates. It can be produced from amino acids …

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