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CrossFit Improves Beta-Cell Function in Diabetics

In Type 2 Diabetics the insulin produced by beta-cells of the pancreas is no longer able to drive uptake of glucose into cells (insulin resistance). Beta-cells attempt to compensate for this deficiency by increasing their production of insulin. However, this upregulation is short-lived and the beta-cells will eventually fail entirely. In this situation, if an …

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Postexercise Physical Dysfunction in CrossFit® & ACSM Training

Several months ago a research study was published by Drum and others comparing CrossFit® training to an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)-based training session. The paper begins by discussing CrossFit as an extreme/high intensity conditioning program and notes how people have been concerned about its safety, in particular, to what extent it contributes to …

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Does CrossFit Impair Attentive Processes?

I recently caught up on the published literature pertaining to CrossFit training and decided to highlight this particular study (Perciavalle et al., 2016) as it possesses significant problems in both experimental design and results interpretation. This study sought to determine if CrossFit training results in negative effects on attention-related activities by virtue of high blood …

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Are You Training? Get A Notebook!

After all these years, one thing I constantly find myself saying to my clients/athletes is, “Get a notebook.” I want them to have a physical record of what they are doing when they take class or do sessions with me. Even when I give explanations as to why it’s important, my conversion rate is low. …

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Do Consecutive Days of CrossFit Increase Inflammation?

A recent study of CrossFit training and inflammation by Tibana et al., 2015 was summarized by the media and the takehome message was two consecutive days of CrossFit training will suppress your immune system. This is a serious claim. We therefore have to ask if the actual study supports this phenomenon. The Takehome: Even if …

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Elbows Up, But How Much?

Last year a promotional picture was taken of me in the bottom of a front squat. As you can see to the left, the barbell is resting on the front of my body (specifically, my shoulders). This is known as the “front rack” position for a barbell. The picture appeared on Instagram and one of …

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Programming for CrossFit (2016 Update)


An updated version of last year’s “How I Program For CrossFit” article recently went live on the Solace New York blog. The article is Part 1 of a three part series I am writing on how programming at Solace can be tailored for different individuals to reach their fitness goals. To read the full article …

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CrossFit Training May Enhance Brain Function

In many individuals the aging process coincides with a decline in brain function. The degree of decline can be mild or severe (i.e, Alzheimer’s). Therefore, finding ways to improve or maintain brain function is of great importance. In a recent article by Murawska-Cialowicz and others (2015), scientists examined the effect of CrossFit training on the …

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Find Your Basal Metabolic Rate – Count Your Calories

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 10.25.10 AM

In addition to questions about training and general health, I receive a lot of questions about nutrition. It’s a complicated topic because everyone is at a different place with respect to what they are eating, what they can eat (i.e., food intolerances), and how they need to eat in order to achieve their goals. As …

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How I Program for CrossFit


I wrote an in-depth article for the CrossFit Solace blog covering CrossFit programming, with specific emphasis on how I create programming for CrossFit classes in the context of the other classes we offer at Solace (e.g., Gymnastics, Strength, Weightlifting, Mobility, etc.). You can read the full article HERE.

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