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Postexercise Physical Dysfunction in CrossFit® & ACSM Training

Several months ago a research study was published by Drum and others comparing CrossFit® training to an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)-based training session. The paper begins by discussing CrossFit as an extreme/high intensity conditioning program and notes how people have been concerned about its safety, in particular, to what extent it contributes to …

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Does CrossFit Impair Attentive Processes?

I recently caught up on the published literature pertaining to CrossFit training and decided to highlight this particular study (Perciavalle et al., 2016) as it possesses significant problems in both experimental design and results interpretation. This study sought to determine if CrossFit training results in negative effects on attention-related activities by virtue of high blood …

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Are You Training? Get A Notebook!

After all these years, one thing I constantly find myself saying to my clients/athletes is, “Get a notebook.” I want them to have a physical record of what they are doing when they take class or do sessions with me. Even when I give explanations as to why it’s important, my conversion rate is low. …

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The Problem With Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number I’ve seen floating around in the news lately. One example would be a recent JAMA article by Afzal and colleagues (2016). In the study, the authors wanted to see if a previously known correlation (this does not mean causation) between mortality (death) and BMI was stable over the …

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NY Times Incorrectly States Exercise Doesn’t Make Bones Strong

Earlier this month media misrepresentation of science appeared on the New York Times website. On April 1st, 2016 Gina Kolata wrote an article for their Health section entitled: “Exercise is Not the Path to strong Bones.” You can read the full article HERE, but I will break it down in this post. I should note …

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My Picks for Best Free Weight Exercises


  I was one of 20 fitness experts asked by Predator Nutrition to give their favorite free weight exercises for upper body, lower body and core strength. Check out the full article to see what I chose!

High Intensity Training and Free Radical Damage

From Wikipedia High intensity training (exercise) has become increasingly popular over the past decade. Those who conduct this type of training see excellent results in terms of body composition and cardiovascular fitness. Several recent scientific studies have confirmed these observations; High intensity training is equally or more effective than other types of training, and gives …

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Resistance Training Prevents Brain Lesions in the Elderly

White Matter Lesions (WMLs)from Smith et al., 2004 In older populations both cognitive function (mental capacity) and balance/coordination/walking speed tend to decline, placing these individuals at greater risk for falls and fractures and contributing to an overall lower quality of life with increased medical expenses. Impaired cognitive function and falls are associated with white matter …

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Joining the Hylete Train Team

  I have added a “Gear” section to my Product Recommendations Page and the first addition is the clothing company Hylete. Hylete was founded on three principles: 1) Train to push yourself both physically and mentally, 2) Compete so as to improve yourself, as well as those around you and 3) Live to be healthy …

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Video Post – Clip from “Health & Fitness During Aging” Seminar at UCONN

Below is a video clip from my recent seminar at UCONN. The audience was older and the seminar therefore dealt with health and fitness during aging. It examined, from a scientific perspective, the theme of death and rebirth at the organ and tissue level and how these processes are influenced by modifiable lifestyle factors such …

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