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Does CrossFit Impair Attentive Processes?

I recently caught up on the published literature pertaining to CrossFit training and decided to highlight this particular study (Perciavalle et al., 2016) as it possesses significant problems in both experimental design and results interpretation. This study sought to determine if CrossFit training results in negative effects on attention-related activities by virtue of high blood …

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The Glycemic Index of Food Varies Among Individuals

From Lennerz et al., 2013 After eating a meal, blood sugar (glucose) levels rise. Through the interaction of hormones (i.e., insulin), this sugar is then shuttled into cells for energy or, if in excess, converted to fat for long-term storage. Excessively high levels of blood glucose are now thought to be a major contributory factor …

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Artificial Sweeteners Can Promote Glucose Intolerance

The movement away from sugar and towards non-caloric artificial sweeteners (NAS), began over a century ago after recognizing that 1) large amounts of calories could lead to obesity and likely a variety of other health problems, and 2) that large amounts of sugar adversely affected hormone levels (in particular insulin), which could also lead to …

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Quality vs Quantity: A Paleo Review That Doesn’t Quite Add Up


Not too long ago I came across NutrionFacts.org. Led by Dr. Greger, the organization’s goal is to “present you and your doctor with the results of the latest in peer-reviewed nutrition and health research, presented in a way that is easy to understand.” We certainly need more people out there doing this. The videos the …

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No, A Glass of Wine Doesn’t Equal 1 Hour of Exercise

Wine (Wikipedia) In this week’s post I return to my roots and highlight some new reporting that doesn’t quite do justice to the reality of a scientific study. It all began when I saw a Facebook link to an online article entitled “Drinking A Glass Of Red Wine Is The Same As Getting An HOUR …

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Are Artificial Sweeteners Just As Bad?

Knowing so many people that regularly drink diet sodas to assist in staying healthy, I’ve been meaning to address the topic of artificial sweeteners for quite some time. To set the stage, I should note that over the past few years the soda industry has seen a decline in sales of both diet and regular …

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Carbohydrate Analysis of High Fructose Corn Syrup

Fructose (left) and Glucose (right) from Wikipedia A fascinating conference abstract was forwarded to me by a member of my box. The online instance of it can be seen here. Since this is just a conference abstract, it is not a full, published study. It represents work that is ongoing and will ideally be published …

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Fat Loss: Women vs Men

The State of US Health, 1990-2010

Anyone who has kept tabs on the popular media’s coverage of healthcare in the US knows that Americans have been eating more and getting fatter since at least the 1950s. The CDC made a simple chart (pictured at left) to emphasize these changes from the 1950s to now (now being around 2010 at the time …

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Does Fructose Make You Hungrier?

Over the past several years there has been a major shift in promoting the low sugar (carbohydrate) diets over high fat diets. It’s a major shift in thinking from back when I was young and the reasons are quite complicated – it’s a dense, cautionary tale of how incomplete science, over-interpretation of data and professional …

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