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CrossFit Improves Beta-Cell Function in Diabetics

In Type 2 Diabetics the insulin produced by beta-cells of the pancreas is no longer able to drive uptake of glucose into cells (insulin resistance). Beta-cells attempt to compensate for this deficiency by increasing their production of insulin. However, this upregulation is short-lived and the beta-cells will eventually fail entirely. In this situation, if an …

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The NY Times’ Discussion on “Too Much” Dietary Protein

The New York Times recently posted an article which leans heavily towards the notion that people are now consuming protein at levels that are not healthy or safe. As is customary for New York Times health and science pieces, this article is full of oversimplifications, selective interpretations and omissions. Below is my brief takehome summary …

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The Glycemic Index of Food Varies Among Individuals

From Lennerz et al., 2013 After eating a meal, blood sugar (glucose) levels rise. Through the interaction of hormones (i.e., insulin), this sugar is then shuttled into cells for energy or, if in excess, converted to fat for long-term storage. Excessively high levels of blood glucose are now thought to be a major contributory factor …

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Artificial Sweeteners Can Promote Glucose Intolerance

The movement away from sugar and towards non-caloric artificial sweeteners (NAS), began over a century ago after recognizing that 1) large amounts of calories could lead to obesity and likely a variety of other health problems, and 2) that large amounts of sugar adversely affected hormone levels (in particular insulin), which could also lead to …

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Quality vs Quantity: A Paleo Review That Doesn’t Quite Add Up


Not too long ago I came across NutrionFacts.org. Led by Dr. Greger, the organization’s goal is to “present you and your doctor with the results of the latest in peer-reviewed nutrition and health research, presented in a way that is easy to understand.” We certainly need more people out there doing this. The videos the …

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No, A Glass of Wine Doesn’t Equal 1 Hour of Exercise

Wine (Wikipedia) In this week’s post I return to my roots and highlight some new reporting that doesn’t quite do justice to the reality of a scientific study. It all began when I saw a Facebook link to an online article entitled “Drinking A Glass Of Red Wine Is The Same As Getting An HOUR …

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National Diabetes Report 2014

Are Artificial Sweeteners Just As Bad?

Knowing so many people that regularly drink diet sodas to assist in staying healthy, I’ve been meaning to address the topic of artificial sweeteners for quite some time. To set the stage, I should note that over the past few years the soda industry has seen a decline in sales of both diet and regular …

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Blaming The Patient

As a scientist and CrossFit trainer, a major emphasis in the content of this site as been on the role of movement and nutrition in maintaining proper health and fitness. Given that to a large extent both nutrition and movement are factors directly controllable by the individual (unlike genetics which we cannot easily manipulate), there …

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Minimal Intensity Exercise

In this month’s issue of PLOS ONE, an exercise study was published that received a bit of press. You can see an example of this press as listed on an NBC news site. The headline proclaims that long, slow walks may beat shorter, higher intensity runs. This certainly piqued my interest, so I decided to …

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