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Postexercise Physical Dysfunction in CrossFit® & ACSM Training

Several months ago a research study was published by Drum and others comparing CrossFit® training to an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)-based training session. The paper begins by discussing CrossFit as an extreme/high intensity conditioning program and notes how people have been concerned about its safety, in particular, to what extent it contributes to …

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Using Skulpt Chisel for Body Composition Measurement


For many people, reaching their health and fitness goals means reducing their body fat or gaining muscle mass. In all likelihood, there is greater interest in the former. So, what’s the best way to go about measuring it? The major ways to measure body fat percentage are as follows: 1. Visual Changes: Look at your …

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The Problem With Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number I’ve seen floating around in the news lately. One example would be a recent JAMA article by Afzal and colleagues (2016). In the study, the authors wanted to see if a previously known correlation (this does not mean causation) between mortality (death) and BMI was stable over the …

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Muscle Gain in the Elderly – How Long Does It Take?

For someone like myself, it’s very obvious that strength training can improve musculoskeletal health in individuals of all ages – even the elderly. However, I still encounter many older individuals who believe it’s too late to gain muscle mass, or that it will take too long to build muscle mass since they are are no …

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High Intensity Training and Free Radical Damage

From Wikipedia High intensity training (exercise) has become increasingly popular over the past decade. Those who conduct this type of training see excellent results in terms of body composition and cardiovascular fitness. Several recent scientific studies have confirmed these observations; High intensity training is equally or more effective than other types of training, and gives …

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Creatine Supplementation Can Boost Testosterone


Creatine is an organic acid naturally found in vertebrate muscles and it is arguably the most extensively studied supplement on the market. A variety of studies indicate that supplementing with creatine can enhance athletic performance, endurance, and muscle growth. A previous post of mine goes deeper into creatine, its mechanism of action, and the studies …

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No, A Glass of Wine Doesn’t Equal 1 Hour of Exercise

Wine (Wikipedia) In this week’s post I return to my roots and highlight some new reporting that doesn’t quite do justice to the reality of a scientific study. It all began when I saw a Facebook link to an online article entitled “Drinking A Glass Of Red Wine Is The Same As Getting An HOUR …

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Video Post – 5 Tools Everyone Should Own

In today’s video post, I talk about 5 tools everyone should own to assist in daily maintenance and recovery of their bodies – specifically their muscles, which can get very tight from non-deal lifestyle factors, sports, or training. Be sure to go to Science for Fitness’ YouTube channel and subscribe if you haven’t already.

Video Post – Watermelon Juice for Sore Muscle Relief

In today’s video post, because summer has now officially arrived, I revisit one of last year’s written posts on watermelon juice for sore muscle relief. Be sure to go to Science for Fitness’ YouTube channel and subscribe if you haven’t already.

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