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Are You Training? Get A Notebook!

After all these years, one thing I constantly find myself saying to my clients/athletes is, “Get a notebook.” I want them to have a physical record of what they are doing when they take class or do sessions with me. Even when I give explanations as to why it’s important, my conversion rate is low. …

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Programming for CrossFit (2016 Update)


An updated version of last year’s “How I Program For CrossFit” article recently went live on the Solace New York blog. The article is Part 1 of a three part series I am writing on how programming at Solace can be tailored for different individuals to reach their fitness goals. To read the full article …

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High Intensity Training and Free Radical Damage

From Wikipedia High intensity training (exercise) has become increasingly popular over the past decade. Those who conduct this type of training see excellent results in terms of body composition and cardiovascular fitness. Several recent scientific studies have confirmed these observations; High intensity training is equally or more effective than other types of training, and gives …

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What Supplements Should I Take?

A question I’ve been asked by many members of my box is which supplements they should be taking to assist in their training. When asking me they also question why I haven’t posted such an article by now as surely this information would be of great help to them. The reason I have not made …

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Challenge & Test Yourself

Everyone who belongs to a gym, whether it be a traditional chain or a CrossFit box, does so for different reasons. For some they just want a good cardiovascular workout. For others, they want to enhance their current fitness level by some metric (more strength, more endurance, new skill sets). I’ve had a lot of …

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