Evidence. Critical Thinking. Education.


Mission Statement

The mission of Science for Fitness is to use evidence, critical thinking, and education as a means for empowering all individuals in their pursuit of being healthy and resilient.


Is the totality of your physical, emotional, and intellectual capacity. It represents your overall longevity and ability to affect action while meeting the demands of life.



Is your ability to execute fundamental physiological processes and maintain homeostasis.



Is your ability to tolerate stress and readjust to difficulties, obstacles, stressors, and change.

Comprehensive human well-being is best defined as Fitness and this is maximized through activities that cultivate both Health and Resilience.

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Optimize Your Fitness Journey

What does optimizing your health and resilience (your fitness) really require? Science can help. Although our understanding of the human body constantly evolves, there is a wealth of evidence supporting key areas of focus. If you just want to learn more and apply the principles on your own, check out our educational services and programming template. If you want a detailed consultation on any aspect of your fitness (e.g., nutrition, programming), visit the video consultation page. For personalized programming, form checks, or coaching, check out our online coaching and in-person coaching pages.