Nutrition Coaching at Science for Fitness

Please note, as indicated in our Intake Form, all nutrition coaching is for educational purposes only and is not offered as treatment for medical conditions. If you need nutrition coaching to treat a medical condition, we will be happy to refer you to a qualified Registered Dietitian (RD).

In addition to single consultations, SFF offers monthly, customized nutrition coaching as part of our Comprehensive Fitness Coaching package: 

Basic Nutrition (and Sleep) Coaching

This form of coaching is included as part of our Monthly Complete Fitness Coaching option. It is most appropriate for individuals who generally don’t know enough about nutrition, but will be able to implement changes on their own, once they do. 

With this type of coaching, you will be given educational information on topics of nutritional science, sleep science, behavioral change and suggested implementation strategies that align with your fitness goals. Examples of these topics include:

  • Developing daily structure & accountability.
  • Suggestions for developing productive habits.
  • Food quality optimization (understanding advantages/disadvantages to different food choices).
  • Portion size assessment.
  • Sleep quality optimization.
  • Macronutrient needs (for training, muscle growth, fat loss, etc.).

Advanced Nutrition Coaching

Once individuals who have mastered the basics above, if their goals have still not been met, more advanced strategies may be implemented as needed. These may include manipulation of calories and macronutrient quantities and/or or more nuanced strategies (e.g., diet breaks, refeeds, and so on).


What do you mean by nutrition coaching for a medical condition?

A few examples: seeking nutrition coaching to manage or treat obesity, diabetes, or PCOS.

 Which type of coaching offers meal plans?

We do not offer meal plans as part of our nutrition coaching. The reason is simple: 99.9% of people cannot stick to a meal plan designed by others. If you think about it, this is expected. Meal plans seldom have the flexibility to accommodate the ebbs and flows of life (work lunches, holidays, vacations, etc.). Even if you could stick to a meal plan, then what? Will you be able to stick with it for the rest of your life? Of course not. Knowing this, meals plan can set you up for a host of problems down the road. Instead, at SFF we focus on helping our clients find their own path of consistency and efficacy.

How does your nutrition coaching work in practice?

In practice it will depend on what works best for each client. Some clients may just need monthly check-ins via email or video call. Others may need weekly chats with their coach. For advanced nutrition coaching, the details of developing habits and regular accountability will generally mean that we enter daily or weekly tasks into the client’s TrueCoach account. This is the coaching software we use for all of our clients at SFF. The software makes it easy for the clients to track what they need to do and for coaches to give feedback and adjustments as time goes on.