Welcome to the New Blog!

For those of you who have been followers since before 2021, you will notice that Science for Fitness (SFF) has received a major design makeover. It has been a long time coming and now that the new website is live, we are able to offer more products, resources, and information than we ever could before.

Although you will notice more paid offerings from SFF we are still committed to offering a good amount of free content and this blog will remain one of those primary sources. Given this, you might also have noticed that none of the previous posts from the original blog have made their way to this new blog. After careful examination of those posts we realized some of them were just not relevant enough to the mission of SFF and many of them needed updating or modification. We therefore decided to start the blog over fresh. However, all previous blog entries have been saved and you can expect to see all the important ones re-posted here in an enhanced and updated format.

As always if you have any suggestions for content or questions you would like answered, just drop us a line through our website contact page or through any of our social media channels.