Strength Maintenance & Hypertrophy Program

Strength Maintenance & Hypertrophy Program

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This program’s answer to a desire for “maintenance” is to reset your main strength lifts and build them back up again, while adding in more accessory (hypertrophy) training. This will be less demanding (both physically and mentally) and will make training a bit less monotonous given the increased exercise variation.

Prerequisites: This program is designed for individuals who have ran out their NLP. If you have not run out your NLP, you should do that first as you will be overly complicating things by starting with the program that follows.

Required Equipment: You will need basic barbell training equipment and accessory equipment as follows:

Barbell Clips
Squat Rack with safety spotter arms
Flat Bench (or Adjustable
Barbell Plates
Dumbbells (or Kettlebells)
Pull-Up Bar
A physical notebook to keep track of your training sessions.

Recommended Equipment: Ideally you will also have the following: Chalk (or liquid chalk), Lifting Shoes, Wrist Wraps, 3” Leather Belt, Knee Sleeves, EZ Curl Bar, A few machines (e.g., GHD, Cable Pull-Down, etc.).